• The sector that earns the most currency to the country:
    almost 50% of its total exports.
  • Agroindustrial exports from Argentina feed more than
    300 million people.
  • The oleaginous-cereal complex employs more than 250
    thousand people directly and indirectly.
  • The largest and most efficient agroindustrial pole
    locates Argentina as the world leader in exports of
    protein meals and soybean oil.
  • The export agroindustry, within a value chain, favors
    agricultural growth and the development of the gross
    product, adding the plus of industrialization.

El complejo Oleaginoso Argentino

El Complejo Oleaginoso abarca desde la producción de granos hasta su industrialización (aceites crudos y refinados, subproductos de la industria aceitera procesados –pellets‐ y biodiesel). Dentro de la producción de oleaginosas realizada en el país en 2011, la de soja es la que reviste mayor importancia (representa el 84... Continuar leyendo

Economic Sanction Clause

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